Automation – for those who want competitive operation and management

Does farming consume a lot of your energy? The health status of animals can be critical in an improperly cooled farm, just as the shelf life of vegetables can be significantly shortened. Does your income depend on “little things”?
As the operator of an industrial facility, in order to ensure a suitable working environment, would you need a system that provides a solution for the regulation of lighting, heating and cooling, and optimized power consumption? Would you need a quick notification in case of errors?
The energy consumption of agricultural and industrial sites can now be controlled with the help of appropriate automation; which results in competitive, sustainable agriculture and industry. Turn it to your advantage!
Do you have a lot of work machines coming to you at night, and that is why the outdoor lighting is on all night?
As a horticulture owner, is it a headache to ensure adequate and optimal irrigation for the areas of different water-demanding plants? I wish there was a sprinkler system where the opening and closing of the valves are controlled based on proper control?
Do you want to check whether your employees are properly caring for plants and animals? It operates a grain storage system where there are regular problems with mold and rot; due to improper implementation of temperature control?
Have annoyances, periodically wasted products, and horrific overhead costs been part of your business up until now?
There is a solution!
Agricultural and industrial facilities, factories, and plants are the owners of many small, detailed tasks, which can save themselves from many unnecessary costs and waste of working time by automating them. That’s why they need control automation.
All of this can be solved with the help of systems that can be checked and controlled remotely.
What can be automated? Where can you save?
Automation? Does it sound complicated? Just wave at all of them! However, automation can perform many tasks in your management, plant, and business, which is plagued by continuous and recurring problems. What tasks can you entrust to automation?
Controlled nutrient dosing during irrigation. GPS-based plowing control. Ensuring accurate dosing during spraying. Operation of temperature sensor film heating. Operation of motion detectors in industrial plants. Analysis of soil composition. Eliminated mold with the help of automated grain storage.
Furthermore, with the help of automation, the watering-feeding process for livestock can be automated, and heating-cooling and ventilation are fully automated. With automated heating, the appropriate times and the corresponding desired temperatures can also be determined. There are no overheated or underheated industrial and industrial premises and plants.
In the case of products, material handling and cleaning processes, as well as constant monitoring of temperature, can be carried out automatically. Food, grain and feed stored in this way will be free from mold and mildew.
Automation enables monitoring of the production process, saving production data (production time, composition, quantity) makes production processes more transparent. A number of situations can give rise to the decision in favor of cost-saving automation!
Automation with plc programming? What is the advantage?
The process control systems ensure that the raw materials, products and parts are received; the complete control of the technological equipment, as well as their control, until the delivery of the manufactured products and foodstuffs.
Thus, all production processes can be monitored and controlled. In factories, it is possible to improve the desired performance, precision and efficiency with the help of modern automation.
Outdated control systems only hinder smooth production and management; so you have to count on many unnecessary expenses and even falling orders because of them.
Tracking, storage
Process control systems controlled by PLC can provide important information about the different phases of production that can be retrieved based on the saved data. As our partner, the systems of the German Jetter AG offer cost-effective solutions for automation tasks in industry and agriculture.
In the case of programmable control, data storage; preparation and printing of reports; it can also be used in other administrative systems and software.
JetWeb – Solution for automation
The biggest advantage of JetWeb technology from Jetter AG is that it can offer a complete and optimally coordinated system solution for the efficient operation of automation tasks and projects. With the help of various software, controls, displays, and servo systems.
Among the Jetter software, JetSym STX, representing the future of control technology, provides a development environment for PLCs. It allows a single programming language to be used for all automation functions; thus meeting all challenges. Lower programming and commissioning costs
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