Control technology

The basis of successful automation

Many areas of agriculture and industry; thus, control technology proves itself in many areas, from the operation of biogas plants to the maintenance of airtight tents. It is an indispensable companion of automation that achieves the optimal implementation of energy use. Control technology can offer a complete and optimally coordinated system solution for the efficient operation of automation tasks and projects. And you need this!


The operation of the subtasks of agricultural and industrial facilities must be constantly checked! Precise control and continuous measurement, retrievable data and fast error detection and elimination are the keys to success.

Do you think so too?

The operation of an excellently functioning control unit, which is suitable for handling hundreds of data points; the control technology.

implements several types of communication that run in parallel

In an improperly temperature-controlled plant, even a large number of products can be destroyed due to overcooled or even undercooled rooms.

But in the case of livestock, the automatic regulation of the watering and feeding process also saves a lot of time.

In the case of biogas plants, the machines, pumps, and cogeneration equipment must work properly at all times. While the successful operation of airtight tents depends on fully automatic control.


Jetter software – Choose the future of control technology

JetSym STX provides a development environment for PLCs. The future hope of Jetter software, through the future of control technology, a single programming language can be used for all automation functions. It results in lower programming and commissioning costs.

The essence of Jetter AG JetWeb technology is that it offers a complete and optimally coordinated system solution for the efficient operation of automation tasks. It does all this with the help of different software, displays, controls and servo systems.


Problem-free operation every minute without downtime? It is possible with the right control technique. A well-functioning management technique is necessary to control the processes!