Jetter AG in Hungary!

As a result of negotiations started in the second half of 2008, we are available to system integrators and end users in 2009 with the help of a new partner. Contireg Kft. offers the systems of the German Jetter AG in the areas of industry, agriculture and vehicle automation with the following:

  • Programming
  • Drive technology
  • Drive technology software
  • Motion Control (MC)
  • Communication networks
  • JetSync Communication Networks
  • Display, visualization
  • Controllers
  • Peripheral units
  • Drives, servo amplifiers
  • Engines
  • HMI units
  • Industrial PCs
  • Software

JetWeb – the complete system solution

JetWeb offers a complete and optimally interconnected system solution, which enables a cost-effective solution to automation tasks. JetWeb uses generic Ethernet-TCP/IP – also for drive synchronization. This simplifies the breakdown and maintenance of the equipment and also establishes the connection to the office network.
An important feature of JetWeb is that all control units and all automation functions can be programmed and commissioned with a single tool and a single programming language!
The site is under development, if you have any questions, please contact our colleague Tamás Szertics at (30)-396-7374 and visit Jetter AG to your website.

Biogas technology
Due to the large amount of agricultural waste generated in Hungary and the constantly rising energy prices nowadays, the establishment of biogas plants is of increasing importance. This is facilitated by expanding application opportunities and growing investor interest. Recognizing the market opportunities, CONTIREG Kft. turned towards the solution of automation and control technical tasks arising in the field of biogas production. As part of this, at the end of 2006, within the framework of the Gábor Baross Innovation Program, the INNOCSEKK tender entitled “Creation of a biogas plant control system model that can be easily parameterized and customized for different needs” won a grant. As a result of the innovation, a physically functioning model was completed from tender and own funds, with the help of which the operation of the system can be demonstrated and tested through simulation. The system is basically based on Siemens S7, but it can also be converted to hardware from other manufacturers as needed. The implemented system has a modular structure, so it can be changed flexibly depending on the size of the plant and the tasks.
The project was created with the support of NKTH and KPI.
Our professional cooperation partner in relation to biogas plants is

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Quality management – introduction of ISO 9001

CONTIREG Kft. constantly strives to satisfy the customer’s needs to the maximum. An important part of this process is guaranteeing adequate quality. In 2007, we won a KMOP grant (NFÜ-MAG), the subject of which is “Implementation and certification of an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 integrated management system at Contireg Kft.”. The certification took place in October 2008.
CONTIREG Kft. has the following certifications:

  • MSZ EN ISO 14001:2015
  • MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015

Thermal camera diagnostics and loss detection

CONTIREG Kft. has expanded its activities due to the increasing prominence of energy loss investigations and diagnostic methods based on thermal imaging. In order to carry out the thermal camera tests, we acquired a high-resolution thermal camera with the help of the equipment procurement support received in the framework of KMOP-1.2.1. With our newly introduced service, we can provide our customers with effective assistance in both preventive and troubleshooting processes. With the help of the modern device, a wide range of thermodiagnostic tests can be carried out in the following main areas:

  • building diagnostics
  • testing of civil engineering equipment
  • testing of mechanical equipment
  • testing of pipelines
  • testing of electrical equipment

In order to operate efficiently in the field of energy, we entered into a consortium agreement with HEPTECH Enengetikai és Épületgépészeti Kft., which has several decades of experience in energy planning and implementation. In his practice, you can find individual apartments as well as communal and industrial facilities, heat utilization, heat recovery and heat pump systems as well as renewable energy carriers (geothermal and geothermal energy, solar collectors and solar panels), combined with environmental protection and economic aspects. Among its services, the preparation of energy audits has a prominent place.