Do you want to know where the heat escapes? The thermal camera test gives the answer

Which car would you choose? The cheaper one that consumes more? Or the slightly more expensive one, which can have much less consumption, but could save you a lot in the future?
In certain situations, we choose the apparently “cheaper” solution and we don’t like to invest. For example, we don’t deal with hidden problems in our home or we try to save money in our own way. Therefore, we spend a significant part of our monthly income on utilities.
Are you the same way? There is a solution for that too. The thermal camera inspection immediately “highlights” the factor eating up the overhead without dismantling. It’s worth the sacrifice!
Everyone tries to reduce their energy costs and save where they can. With less water use and heating controls, energy-saving burners and A++ electronic equipment, with the replacement of windows and doors. Are you trying something similar?
However, have you thought about other options to prevent “energy gobbling”?
In order to make your home’s thermal insulation as efficient as possible, you need to know where the heat escapes! The detection of building structural defects by means of a thermal imaging camera provides a solution for this.
Why is this necessary? Because the building’s insulation deficiencies and errors lead to energy loss. And the operating costs of the building can skyrocket, especially in winter during the period of heating bills.
Understandably, you don’t feel like turning your home upside down to get to the root of the problem; however, this is not necessary.
Determination of pipe cracks and leaks with an accuracy of mm
The heat loss of apartments, houses or even industrial facilities and boilers can be revealed with the help of the heat map examination. There is no need for a wall demolition brigade and to turn the house upside down to find out the malfunctions of the wires running in the wall. The location of pipe cracks and leaks can be determined with an accuracy of mm. Without touching or dismantling, the “ugliness” is immediately revealed.
In fact, there is even a possibility of local thermal insulation, and it is not necessary to thermally insulate the entire building, only where necessary.
But why with a thermal camera?
The thermal camera ensures that the problem becomes visible, without starting any demolition work. Modern thermal cameras also show the temperature difference of 0.1 Cº. Thus, even the most hidden and smallest defects of the building cannot remain hidden from the thermal camera.
How does it work?
The thermal camera examination is based on the principle of thermography (heat mapping), which examines the heat content of objects and materials. Objects and materials with a temperature above absolute zero K (-275 ºC) emit electromagnetic energy. This energy is converted into a thermal image by industrial thermal cameras, so the thermal energy becomes visible during the thermal camera inspection. The measured data is processed into an image by the software used. This enables a thorough building diagnostic analysis.
The first thermal camera developed by NASA was used for military purposes in the fifties. Since then, it has been used in many areas outside of building diagnostics, such as medicine as well. Thermal cameras with higher sensitivity are used at airports to screen patients with fever during epidemics.
For which it can be useful: Energy certificate – House “consumption” – Inspection of contractors
The energy certificate shows the energy consumption of the given building compared to the reference building. In the case of buildings for sale or to be rented for a longer period, the owner must have the property’s energy certificate prepared (since Jan. 1, 2012).
How can this benefit you? You can even demonstrate the value of your property to the potential buyer, because he will not have to experience the “consumption” of the property on the invoices. Thus, it is advisable to have a thermal camera inspection performed before selling a property or when obtaining an energy certificate.
The thermal camera inspection shows the current condition of the doors, windows, walls or ceiling, or the thermal insulation of the attic. But even after replacing a door and window, it can provide you with excellent control to ensure the quality of the contractor’s work (it can be useful for asserting warranty rights).
You can save up to 30-40% on your heating bill by identifying problems with a heat map
The thermal camera test can be the answer to many of your problems! Even if you own a newly built property. Technical deficiencies may also occur in the case of well-insulated properties. Before modernizing an old building, it is definitely recommended to prepare a heat map. A thermal camera inspection can even be a solution to such annoying problems as mold or the development of rooms that are too cool.
Do you find it difficult to spend money on anything?
It costs much less to pay for a thermal camera inspection than to maintain your home due to neglecting problems that increase utilities! Make the decision to save energy today!
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