Expect this if you are planning to establish a biogas plant!

Thanks to the outstanding biogas technology, there are more than six thousand biogas plants in Germany, and only a few dozen in Hungary. I wonder why this is? Currently, it takes 2-3 years to start a plant, from the preparation of the plans; and the totals can even be measured in billions. What should you consider as a company or municipality planning to create a biogas plant?
You must be scratching your head! There are a lot of areas that need to be covered, and you even have to solve the long-term successful operation! We contribute to this with efficient control technology that promotes the successful operation of biogas plants!
Biogas has a huge potential, you just have to use it! However, the operation of a successful biogas plant is influenced by many factors. Are you seeing this too?
Having set your sights on establishing a biogas plant, are you also running the preliminary rounds in planning? Do you want to go from idea to implementation, starting on your own or perhaps with support, and knowing the advantages of the operation of the plant?
He has been looking for a solution for the utilization of agricultural waste for years. Are you excited to see before your eyes the technical handover after the trial operation and then the energy production at full capacity?
Why not produce biogas?
Biogas is a renewable energy carrier that can be used to “shear the sheep” twice. It gets rid of waste, which can only be disposed of in a very expensive way (e.g.: fertilizer, household waste), as it can convert these into energy. Thus, it can be used as a secondary source of energy. While also generating income. Ecologically sustainable farming will be the farming of the future due to the world’s expanding energy demand, and there are more and more opportunities for the increased utilization of renewable energies.
Biogas plant: Waste management and renewable energy production go hand in hand
The energy production that serves the growing energy demand also gives plenty of reasons to find solutions to reduce harmful substances entering the environment. Therefore, environmentally friendly solutions must also be sought during agricultural activities!
An effective solution for this is the use of biogas plants that utilize their own energy carriers. They primarily perform environmental protection tasks, while they can also generate income and energy.
What are the advantages of establishing biogas production units?
Why is it good to establish a biogas plant?
New areas of use of renewable energy sources can solve many problems. Biogas plants are therefore not only suitable for the production of electricity or heat, but also for feeding into natural gas supply systems (following strict regulations).
However, it can only be fed into the natural gas pipeline systems in larger biogas plants (due to high costs), as far as our country is concerned. In order to supply biogas, it is necessary to separate carbon dioxide, and the biogas must also be cleaned of various polluting components.
In our country, 30% of the natural gas import could be covered by the amount of waste that can be used in our country, which can supply hundreds of biogas plants.
From idea to implementation – What to expect?
In addition to raising the appropriate amounts (hundreds of millions, but in the case of larger plants the total amount can be around 1-1.5 or even 10 billion forints), you also have to face the over-regulated, somewhat cynical and contradictory licensing procedure! In order to establish a biogas plant, you only have to overcome “obstacles set up” by 24 licensing bodies for a seal and a signature!
The establishment of biogas plants has many advantages, however, due to the difficulties of their implementation, as well as the financing issues, careful planning of the processes is necessary!
Establishing successful biogas plants – Pay attention to the details!
The success of biogas plants already at the beginning and during their operation depends on the influence of many factors: expertise, appropriate technical planning, the coveted faster and less complicated administration, but also the efficiency of the control systems used during their operation.
Since the establishment of a biogas plant is far from cheap fun, and you will need very hard and persistent work to realize it; therefore, you cannot afford to let its success depend on the use of inadequate control systems!
The machines operating in the plant must function without problems every minute without downtime, and their operation must be subject to continuous control. Well-functioning control technology is necessary to control the processes!
We will help you with this! In the complicated process of setting up a biogas plant, as members of the Hungarian Biogáz Association, we make your situation easier with our expandable and developable control system with visual display! Find us!
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