JetWeb – with automation technology, you can implement efficient projects

Use a single programming language for all automation functions? Since 1999, the German Jetter AG, an important player in the automation market, has preferred the system that defines the future of automation.
But there are few systems like JetWeb that are based on standard TCP/IP; thus offers an optimally coordinated system solution for the efficient implementation of automation projects. Well, why is this programming language so beneficial?
“The network itself is the controller” is the well-known slogan, which clearly points to the fact that the future of automation is now an IT empire based on Ethernet TCP/IP.
One system, one language for complete automation. You can work on several projects simultaneously. Need more?
The biggest advantage of Jetter AG JetWeb technology
JetWeb offers a complete and optimally coordinated system solution for the efficient operation of automation tasks. By various software, controls, displays and servo systems.
Have you ever worked as a programmer in a structured text environment? Then you will recognize yourself in JetSym STX in no time.
What are the advantages of the JetSym STX programming language?
Because JetWeb uses generic Ethernet TCP/IP to synchronize electrical drives; thereby simplifying the maintenance and modularization of the equipment.
Data processing? It also makes it simpler in an office context, display and management can be solved via a web browser.
In addition to the high-performance programming language (JetSym STX), it is also characterized by integrated drive technology, fully integrated trajectory control, structured text programming language and identical programming of all controls, among other things. In the case of simultaneous processes, programs running in parallel are no problem for him either.
With its use, you should count on lower programming and commissioning costs, which is ensured by the high-level instruction set and object-oriented programming.
In contrast to classic IT programming languages, JetSym STX also has the most important functions of control technology.
It can implement all work phases in a single development environment.
One language for all automation functions and high-performance drive technology commands with Jetter software, the future of control technology, and JetSym STX. Enjoy lower programming and commissioning costs! Find us!
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