Thermal camera inspection

Thermal camera test

For those for whom saving is not unimportant

You can encounter the importance of reducing energy costs on the road in various ways. And it is certain that you have already implemented various saving “tricks”, even replaced the windows!

But did you know that you are still living your life in a money sink? Is all this apparent to you from the sums spent on utilities? The reason is to be found in the hidden problems of your home. However, they can be revealed with a thermal camera test. And you don’t even have to disassemble it!


Especially in winter, but even in the heat of the summer, does the heat coming in sometimes make you realize the high operating costs of your home, plant or office? Can these values even double during the period of heating bills?

If you think that the roots of the problem can only be found with a thorough cleaning and you have to turn your life upside down; are you already opting for a more comfortable solution?

Drop it all. Would you rather bear the extra costs?

If he had X-ray eyes? …

Then you could transform the thermal insulation of your home as efficiently as possible. You would know where the heat escapes! And you could also easily realize the discovery of building structural defects.

Why is this necessary at all?

Because the building’s insulation deficiencies and errors lead to energy loss.

However, there is no need to rummage through your home, as the thermal camera examination has an “X-ray eye” instead of you.

The biggest advantages of thermal camera inspection:

  • With its help, the heat loss of apartments, houses and industrial facilities can be revealed.
  • The reason for the failure of the wires running in the wall can also be easily found out, and for this you do not need a hammer or a staff to break the house apart.
  • The location of pipe cracks and pipe leaks can also be determined, with an accuracy of mm. Without wall demolition.

How does the thermal camera test work?

The thermal camera test is based on the principle of thermography (heat mapping). Thermography examines the heat content of objects and materials.

This is based on the fact that objects with a temperature above absolute zero K (-275 ºC) emit electromagnetic energy. Industrial thermal cameras can convert this energy into a thermal image. This is how thermal energy becomes visible during the thermal camera test.

Used software converts the measured data into an image. Modern thermal cameras also show the temperature difference of 0.1 Cº.

The biggest advantage of this is that not even the smallest defects in your home remain hidden.

You can save up to 30-40% on your heating bills with the thermal camera inspection. It’s worth investing in. After all, the one-time and hassle-free investigation and elimination of the problem results in cost-effective building maintenance in the long term. Spending on it like this is not an expense, but rather a savings.

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