With automation for the cost-effectiveness of buildings

It would be nice to contribute to saving heating or lighting costs even with “a single push of a button”; as well as increase the value of the property in one fell swoop?
Since automation is one of the cornerstones of economical production and one of the benefits of energy saving, it is no coincidence that one of its most common areas of application is building automation; “creating intelligent buildings”. With building automation systems, you can save operating costs, make everyday life safer and even increase the value of your property!
“Did I turn it off? Did I turn it off? Did I wrap it up?” Has the light stayed on in two rooms again? Typical questions of the morning rush, and our property is left unattended when you leave. Automation and building automation systems provide a solution for reducing energy waste, increasing comfort and increasing safety.
Safe and cost-effective buildings
Imagine the situation that on a peaceful night, while sleeping the dream of the righteous, you hear some noise. What should I do? In the event of a burglary, anything is possible! With the right building automation system, you can even scare off burglars by switching on lights and sounding a single button.
Are you forced to get out of your car and open the gate despite the inclement weather? With an automated gate, you could get away with a wet coat with just one easy push of a button, and you wouldn’t hold up street traffic either!
Whether it’s a public building, commercial facility, office building or personal property, comfortable everyday life starts with automated systems!
Are you worried about the integrity of the property while you are away? Today, thanks to automated systems, we can receive immediate notifications on our mobile phones in the event of a fire or even a gas leak, so we can take care of our property even when we are away.
We can call our apartment by phone to turn on the heating or cooling, so that when we arrive home, we are greeted by the right temperature.
With security systems, we can automate lighting and even heating. We can also switch on a security light following our movements. But we can even share access to our printer.
Today, thanks to simple programming and commissioning, it is possible to develop solutions that not only serve our comfort, but also save our wallet.
Automation based on the principle of cost effectiveness
How does automation contribute to cost efficiency? The temperature control of the different rooms can be implemented separately, or the control of the boiler, so that the exact communication of the energy demand all contributes to cost efficiency.
Thanks to the automation, the amount of hot water to be produced can also be adjusted to the needs of the users of the property. Lighting can also be regulated based on light requirements. But today, the system can also monitor the condition of windows and doors.
Thanks to building automation, the energy consumption of the equipment can be minimized, as well as the comfort and safety of the owners, and the operational reliability of the equipment can be increased.
With building automation, you only consume energy when you actually use it!
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