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JetWeb - Efficient Automation Solutions

With the JetWeb technology of Jetter AG, we offer a complete and optimally coordinated system solution for the efficient implementation of automation projects (software, controls, servo systems, displays). JetWeb uses standard Ethernet TCP/IP as a communication medium – even for synchronizing electric drives. This simplifies the modularization and maintenance of the equipment, and thus establishes the connection to office data processing. Displaying and managing the technologies is also possible via a web browser.




Servo systems


JetWeb technology

  • one system, one language for complete automation
  • JetSym STX – high performance programming language
  • integrated drive technology
  • Ethernet as a communication medium
  • synchronized drives with real-time Ethernet
  • scalable CPU performance
  • fully integrated track control (Motion Control)

JetWeb Technology Standards

  • internet protocols, e.g. TCP/IP
  • programming language based on structured text
  • Modbus TCP/IP, CANopen, Profibus-DP, AS-Interface, Ethernet/IP
  • web browser as a runtime tool for display
  • HTML, XML, Java, Javascript
  • OPC

Using JetWeb technology can reduce development costs
by up to 30%.


JetSym STX – development environment for PLCs

JetSym STX is a development tool that allows you to use a single programming language for all automation functions.

  • object-oriented programming option
  • multitasking structure
  • high-level instruction set
  • integrated drive technology

JetViewSoft – development environment for HMI applications

JetViewSoft is a SCADA tool for visualization, data management, alarm management and trend drawing. With JetViewSoft, we offer a modern, easy-to-use development tool.

  • web-based display
  • direct database connection
  • alarm management and trend drawing
  • project-specific expansion options using Javascript
  • e-mail and SMS sending
  • support of OPC standards for external products

Control systems

Jetter AG’s product range covers the entire range of controls, from compact, small controls to high-end controls. The controls can be expanded with countless modules, either directly or via decentralized I/O units with digital channels (inputs, outputs, counters) as well as analog channels (voltage, current, temperature and force measuring modules) and special expansion units (stepper motor controller, servo controller) , printer and communication modules).

Nano Controllers

JetControl 24x

JetControl 3xx

JetControl 64x

JetControl 9xx

Jetter controllers

JX2 expansion

JX3 expansion

JX6 expansion

JX6 submodules

Jetter servo systems


We offer display units from the small character displays included in Jetter’s product range to fully graphic touchscreen displays. Simpler, character displays are managed in the controls – preferably managed in a separate task, and for higher performance panels, the application can be created with the JetViewSoft development environment. The application running on graphical HMI panels is based on a web browser, with control only complicating data traffic. With JetViewSoft, on the other hand, it is possible to store the html files running the application directly in the internal directories of the JetControl controls, so that each technology can be displayed using ethernet or the Internet.