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CONTIREG Mérnökiroda Kft. is ready to implement the Customer’s ideas in the field of control, automation, measurement and regulation projects, control, instrumentation and installation of complete industrial and agricultural technologies:
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  • Building diagnostics, building thermography
    (thermal insulation, waterproofing, mold testing)
  • Investigation of losses of cold stores
  • Inspection of building mechanical equipment
    (defect detection of heating pipes in the wall, thermal insulation, boilers, heat exchangers)
  • Inspection of mechanical equipment
    (bearings, couplings, gears, drives)
  • Inspection of electrical equipment
    (inspection of electric motors, electrical connections, overloaded devices, transformers during operation)
  • Inspection of pipelines, tanks
    (insulation test, level check)

Measuring technique 

  • Measurement, display and processing of technological parameters
    (temperature, pressure, mass flow, level, speed, etc.)
  • Design and installation of individual measuring equipment
    (grape scales, tank scales)


  • Automation and modernization of technological processes
  • Control of special and unique equipment
  • Design, manufacture, installation of industrial heat treatment furnace controls
  • Automation of crop dryers, modernization of their management system
  • Automation of food industry and processing industry equipment

PLC technology

  • Implementation of PLC-based applications with Siemens, Jetter, OMRON, Unitronix and Moeller devices
  • Design and installation of field bus systems and industrial communication networks
    (ProfiNet, Ethernet, Profibus, ASi, CAN, etc.)
  • Diagnostics of Profibus networks

Power transmission, drives

  • Design, production, installation of power transmission equipment, switchboards
  • Engineering application design

Building engineering

  • Design and installation of ventilation and heating equipment
  • Design and installation of building mechanical systems, building automation

Breathable tents >>>

  • Installation of breathable tents and halls
  • Delivery of a complete air handling system, uninterrupted power supply system,
    full automation and lighting system
  • Upgrade

Lighting technology

  • Lighting systems, external and internal lighting of buildings
  • Sports lighting
  • Quality interior lighting of tennis tents and soccer tents


  • Complete installation of a biogas plant
  • Design, production, installation of control technology system
  • Adaptation

Engineering service

  • Design, manufacture, commissioning of unique equipment
  • Project management
  • Research – development activity
  • Professional advice
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