Veszprém County Ferenc Csolnoky Hospital
Gas engine project – control system of heat utilization technology

Energotest Kft.
Currus Rt brake room reconstruction, engine cooling and brake water cooling technology management system

Unifine F&Bi Hungária Kft.
Emulsion plant instrumentation and control technology

Unifine F&Bi Hungária Kft.
Modernization of the NIRO type spray dryer automation system

Bácsalmási Agráripari ZRt.
Post-installation of the crop dryer control system

Food plant, Prilep (Macedonia)
Design of spray drying equipment control system

Martinovics Apartment house
The control system of the semi-automatic car lifting equipment of underground garage

Raufoss Football Club, Norway
Complete design and implementation of the mechanical and control system of an inflatable football tent (+2500 seats)

Borre Tennis Club, Norway
Complete design and construction of the mechanical and control system of the breathable tennis tent

Idom 2000 TC, Népliget
Complete design and implementation of the joint mechanical and control system of two airtight tennis tents

OPEL Powertrain Hungary, Szentgotthárd
Cylinder head cutting system installation, installation assembly
GM Powertrain Hungary, Szentgotthárd
Emulsion filter equipment rebuilding, expansion, software modification
RUUKKI Tisza Zrt.- Jászberény
Complete electrical control and installation of the painting line installed by DEWA Zrt. (two parallel painting lines consisting of 5 and 7 technological fields, with material handling, connected by CAN-BUS network , with a central error and event indicator unit)
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