Thermal camera tests

Definition of the thermal camera examination:

A non-contact test method that ensures temperature measurement of the surface of various bodies and objects based on heat radiation /infrared radiation/. During the measurement, the thermal state of the surface of the examined body is visually depicted in color.

Processing, evaluation:

The images taken with the thermal camera are processed on a computer using special software. Based on the processed recordings, an examination document is prepared, which contains the processed thermal image, the visual image taken at the same time (if necessary), any diagrams and tables related to the evaluation, as well as data containing the typical parameters of the recordings.

Transformer Image Processing

Building image processing

Roof structure image processing

Buildings, structures:

  • Exploration of thermal insulation deficiencies
  • Exploration of structural deviations, subsequent masonry, transformations
  • Detecting and diagnosing damp and mold problems
  • Determining the damage locations of pipelines in the building structure
  • Mapping and testing of floor heating and wall cooling
  • In-service testing of building engineering equipment and devices

Electrical equipment / troubleshooting, prevention/:

  • Troubleshooting switchboards
  • Checking the condition of electrical network distributors
  • Inspection of electrical transformers
  • In-service testing of motors and generators
  • Exploration of faulty contacts and joints
  • Examination of built-in components, network element overload

Mechanical, thermal equipment and equipment:

  • Inspection of combustion equipment during operation
  • Mapping the heat distribution of heat exchangers and fireplaces
  • Investigation of uneven heating of boilers
  • Delimitation of thermal insulation defects of coverings
  • Exploring the lubrication deficiencies of rotating parts
  • Inspection of cold rooms and cooling equipment

Technological equipment:

  • Investigation of time-varying processes based on temperature changes by making a thermal video
  • Control of production processes
  • Insulation test and level measurement of tanks

Medical, medicinal applications:

  • Delineation of circulatory disorders
  • Recognition of inflammations and tumorous diseases
  • Checking the effectiveness of post-treatments
  • Investigation of animal injuries
  • Inspection of infectious diseases and infected animals

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Heat exchanger 1.

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