Biogas plant

Do you want a successful operation?

Are you planning to set up a biogas plant on your own or through a grant? Do you feel lost in the jungle of a million little details? It is still in the design phase. There are many official procedures, so haven’t you thought about how you will solve the long-term successful operation of the biogas plant? We provide one of the most important factors in the operation of a successful biogas plant.

Unhealthy and environmentally harmful energy carriers gave rise to the search for renewable energy sources.

Agricultural waste is a given, and you can even earn income from its utilization. In addition, the energy extracted from biogas does not destroy the environment either. A useful investment that you have been thinking about for a long time?

Are you looking forward to the technical handover after the trial run, and then the energy production at full capacity?

Establishing a biogas plant is not that easy

In addition to raising hundreds of millions or even billions of HUF, going through the licensing procedures, you also have to think about the success of their operation!

Do you want a successful biogas plant?

In addition to expertise and technical design, the efficiency of the control systems used during their operation is also important.

Establishing and maintaining biogas plants does not cost HUF 2 either, so you cannot afford to let its success depend on the use of inadequate control systems!

The operation of the machines in the plant without interruptions and problems, as well as their continuous control, can only be achieved with well-functioning control technology.


You want an economical biogas plant, right?

The cost of the raw materials used, the efficiency of the selected technology, the operating costs, the possibilities – which are data for the sale of thermal energy produced by the biogas plant – and above all the reliable control technology involved in the processes are the basis of their economical operation!

We will help you with this!

As members of the Magyar Biogáz Egyesület, we make your situation easier with our expandable and developable management system with visual display, which facilitates the establishment of a successful biogas plant!

We are constantly building our relationships with Hungarian and foreign companies interested in the implementation of biogas technology. We are looking for partners who, in connection with their activities, have the need and opportunity to implement biogas projects.

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