JetSym STX, JetViewSoft

JetSym STX – the development environment for PLCs

JetSym STX is a development tool that allows you to use a single programming language for all automation functions.

  • object-oriented programming option
  • multitasking structure
  • high-level instruction set

– represent the future of control technology. The JetSym STX development environment meets all these challenges, ensuring lower programming and deployment costs. The difference between JetSym STX and classic IT programming languages (C++, Java, C#) is that JetSym STX also includes the most important functions of control technology. Thus, a programmer who has already worked in a structured text environment will feel at home in JetSym STX in a short time.

JetSym STX enables multitasking program running, it can manage up to 100 independent tasks, 32 of which are cyclical tasks, the scan time of which can be changed even during program execution. Each task can be assigned its own priority, in 7 priority classes.
JetSym STX programming language
  • run-time language for direct process description
  • one language for all automation functions
  • high-performance drive technology commands
  • parallel running programs for simultaneous processes (100 parallel programs / multitasking)
  • transparent, real-time access to all equipment parameters
  • comfortable motion wizards
  • numerous commissioning and service functions
  • object-oriented programming option
  • data and library management instructions

JetSym STX development environment

  • everything in a single development environment: project management, programming, commissioning
  • You can work on several projects simultaneously
  • Even non-JetSym data, such as e.g. Word documents – can be attached to the JetSym project
  • high-performance debugger (break points, single-step and call-stack examination)
  • oscillator for plotting and displaying continuous data
  • all parameters of the entire equipment are available transparently and in real time
  • clear Motion interface for parameterization and commissioning of drive axes
  • freely configurable commissioning interfaces
  • under MS Windows 2000 / XP / Vista

JetViewSoft – development environment for HMI panels

JetViewSoft is a SCADA tool for visualization, data management, alarm management and trending. The core of this software is web-based rendering. The necessary automation application can be created on the editing interface, which is then downloaded either to the library of the JetControl control system – so the display works with a PC and a web browser – or to one of the JetView displays.

With JetViewSoft, we offer a modern, easy-to-use development tool.

  • web-based display
  • direct database connection
  • alarm management and trend drawing
  • project-specific expansion options using Javascript
  • e-mail and SMS sending
  • support of OPC standards for external products
JetViewSoft helps the user create process images with the well-known display interface. These can then be saved as HTML data and used with an Internet browser, which acts as runtime software. JetViewSoft has countless functions that can be used to create dynamic display pages.
Data bank connection
JetWeb technology and the JetViewSoft development environment enable the device to be conveniently integrated into office data tanks. This only requires parameterization of the software, all essential functions are available according to standard. The data of individual controls or even the entire equipment can be written or read in the databases in this way.
Alarm management
In order to ensure trouble-free production, the earliest possible indication of emerging or already occurring errors is extremely important. An alarm manager is available for this – where alarms can be stored and logged. Alerts can also be sent as SMS messages or e-mails, which significantly increases flexibility.
Trend drawing
The trend drawing function provides a comprehensive picture of the processes, so production data, number of pieces or measured values can also be displayed.
Optimum compatibility with the JetSym STX development environment
JetViewSoft has a dataset integrated into JetSym STX declarations, created with the JetSym STX application and also available in JetViewSoft. This automatically ensures data consistency.