Thermal camera building diagnostics – For smart contractors

Renovation works, execution. You never know if the workers worked accurately and thoroughly. Did they follow the plan or did they make a mistake somewhere? However, as a contractor and designer, you have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. And any “buck” can mean a loss of image for you. However, you can avoid later blushing by performing building diagnostic tests, including thermal camera tests, during the technical acceptance for the purpose of quality control.
Is the building’s heat loss unreasonably high despite professional wall construction, modern windows and doors and an energy-saving heating system? The walls are cold or there is mold, the rooms are drafty.
In the case of transferred real estate, one of the nightmares is facing such problems. And who else would they bring forward in this case than the contractor.
And when he learns about the problems, he asks himself: Where did we go wrong…?
What could be the problem?
Is the thermal insulation of the slab structure incomplete or damaged?
The doors and windows struggle with closing accuracy deficiencies, the boys installed them incorrectly; is the air exchange high as a result? And the combination of the two causes enormous heat loss?
Is the cold section of the wall caused by the thermal effect or the wetting of the masonry?
Are the pipelines damaged, causing moisture?
Even several physical phenomena can cause thermal engineering and other building structure problems and phenomena. However, any shortcoming during a construction or renovation work can lead to subsequent heat losses and other problems.
It is demanding work, and during thorough execution, there is no room for deficiencies and mistakes in the work of any professional contractor.
But you don’t have x-ray eyes, so you can only hope that you have chosen the right workers. They were also careful in every construction and planning process.
You can do more than that!
For smart contractors
You can prevent future problems with a thermal camera inspection carried out for quality control purposes. Customer complaints. And to be bad mouthed about you as a contractor.
What are the building diagnostic tests based on?
With the help of building diagnostics – in the case of buildings – more serious damages can be discovered and repaired, and their operation can be continuously ensured. It deals with the symptoms of damage, the discovery and investigation of their root causes. With the energetic loss investigations.
The existing thermal technical complaints – the already mentioned cold walls, drafty rooms, unreasonably high heating bills, mold, dampness, etc. – its examination can be supplemented by the use of other diagnostic tools in addition to the thermal camera examination: collection of temperature and humidity data, air flow measurement, Blower door test, etc.
How does thermal imaging work?
Check yourself out!
When examining the energy efficiency of buildings, apartments, industrial and commercial properties and facilities, you can make sure that quality work was carried out from a thermal engineering point of view during the planning, construction and renovation:
How do we work?
In order to carry out the diagnostic methods based on thermal imaging more successfully, we acquired a high-resolution thermal imaging camera. What’s more, with the help of the equipment purchase support received in the framework of KMOP-1.2.1.
The state-of-the-art device is capable of performing a wide range of thermodiagnostic tests on building engineering and mechanical equipment, pipelines and electrical equipment.
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