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Based on a real case
Can’t you afford the unnecessary expenses, the production stopped for a shorter or longer time in the plant? Are you looking for an efficient and continuous production engine? With our industrial automation systems, thanks to the Internet connection, you can determine faults even from the other side of the country, and there is even no need for the troubleshooting personnel to travel to the site.
Our process management systems are suitable for a variety of situations. But are you wondering how this all happens in practice? Be a witness in the painting plant of a large international company!
As an entrepreneur, the question of reliable production must be on your mind, as it is one of the keys to the success of your business. How long it takes for a specific product to be made and rolled out of the plant is not secondary at all. How can we help you in this ongoing struggle?
Get to know the result of our work!
In 2010, the process management system was installed in the painting plant of the Jászberény location of an international large company, Ruukki, which positively influenced the work carried out there.
Big company, big problem, smart solution
Rautaruukki Corporation, known as Ruukki (the new unified name of all the group’s companies), which is at home in construction work – e.g. in the construction of energy-efficient buildings – as well as in the development of the special steel industry, operates in more than 30 countries and in 2011 reached 2.8 billion euros in net sales.
The international company, based in Helsinki, Finland, has a history of 50 years. It deals with the production and distribution of steel products. It provides metal-based components and systems as well as integrated systems for the construction and engineering industries. It is by no means a small company. Lots of sub-tasks, big responsibility. Ruukki is an expert in the steel industry. Thus, they have no room for thoughtless choices and decisions.
The painting plant of RUUKKI Tisza Zrt. in Jászberény also struggled with many subtasks. We contributed to continuous and trouble-free production with our industrial automation system!
In the paint factory in Jászberény, all phases of painting must work perfectly: washing, surface treatment, but also the painting and drying processes.
Challenges and goals
The plant needed a system that properly regulates both temperature and ventilation according to the different operating modes. It can handle the set technological times as well as sub-conditions that are important due to occupational safety and technological aspects.
Technical level – we threw the ball high, but we stood our ground
Painting heavy workpieces is by no means an easy task. Because they have to be constantly moved around the track. If anything happens to the chain line at the bottom of the track, or if an error occurs, the smooth progress of the workpieces is hindered. A workpiece is transferred to another technology only if the previous one has already been completed. The transfer from one point of the technology to another is carried out by the engines designed for the production lines at both ends of the track.
Difficulties and their solutions
In order for the engines to work properly and help each other, their synchronization was necessary.
A possible breakdown can cause a loss of profit by stopping production for a shorter or longer period of time. That is why we have incorporated special solutions and warning signs to protect against the strain of hiking.
And covering the entire painting technological process was solved with a system of booths built in a tunnel-like manner and separated from each other. These included two independent painting series.
In the interests of safer and more economical operation, remote monitoring was installed. Thus, thanks to the Internet connection, errors can be determined even from the other side of the country, and there is even no need for the troubleshooting personnel to travel to the site.
Apart from the carefully crafted plans; we also undertook the delivery of the control cabinets for the technological equipment, made in our own design, as well as the complete electrical installation.
Complete electrical control and installation of the painting line installed by DEWA Zrt. was carried out, which consisted of two parallel painting lines consisting of 5 and 7 technological fields. All of this is equipped with material handling and a central error and event signaling unit.
We managed a total of 14 technological units and designed the control software, which are independently controlled. Communication and connection were solved by connecting with a CAN-BUS network. Production has been going on unimpeded ever since. Thanks to the appropriate and reliable industrial automation system! Don’t miss out on the good stuff!
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